A ride through the Erie Lackawanna Trail [video by Rod J. Eckrich]


There’s Plenty of Ground to Cover on the Region’s Bike Trails

One of my favorite activities to do in The Region is riding my bike. For one, it saves fuel. There are many times when I will lazily drive somewhere when I could have ridden my bike or walked. Admittedly, I don't place a lot of trust in drivers on the road so riding can become a hassle. Luckily, there's a bike trail that runs pretty much straight through Hammond to Crown Point.

There are other trails in the area, but I enjoy the Erie Lackawanna Trail. Typically, I'll start in Munster and make my way to Highland's Wicker Memorial Park on Ridge Road. Then I'll ride to Kennedy and Highway avenues in Highland, pick up the Erie Lackawanna there and take it all the way to its end in Crown Point. I don't always make it all of the way to Crown Point, but I try to make it to Griffith or Schererville. Making the full trek to Crown Point is a true feat. If I make it to the end and nobody's around, I will jump around in victory like Rocky Balboa. Having to ride back to where I started can be daunting, but it's part of the adventure.

People on the bike trail usually are really friendly. Head nods and hellos are common. Traveling the trail, you will come across stretches of land that are only visible with quick glimpses by car. To cure boredom or for a dose of exercise, the Erie Lackawanna and other trails in The Region trails are worth checking out.