The mysterious boat graveyard [video by Rod J. Eckrich]


Portage graveyard gives final resting place to boats

My girlfriend informed me of something about Northwest Indiana that I couldn’t quite understand. The Region has a boat graveyard.

It was something I decided to see for myself.

You can catch a glimpse of it from a stretch of Interstate 80/94 in Portage. Unfortunately, it’s not open to the public—the property is private—but I shot footage there so others would be able to experience it.

Turns out a junkyard for boats and ships is pretty common. Such places exist in other parts of the world. A graveyard consists of land or water where scrapped boats or pieces of them are allowed to rot.

While walking around the abandoned boats with wild weeds growing out of them, I didn’t find it to be much different from an actual graveyard. These boats had seen better summer days, and I wondered how some of them had wound up at such a spot.

A gentleman, who inquired about my presence, told me people can buy pieces of the boats but nobody ever has asked about them.

Knowing the boat graveyard lurks a click or two away from the expressway, I definitely will try to keep an eye out for it whenever I'm in that neck of the woods.