The East Pierhead Lighthouse [video by Rod J. Eckrich]


Take a stroll and enjoy one of Indiana‚Äôs few lighthouses

Take a drive through Michigan City, and you’ll find plenty of fine restaurants, a brewery, an outlet mall and even a zoo. But for me, one of the most striking attractions in the city—and in Northwest Indiana—is the scenery at the East Pierhead lighthouse.

It’s worth a trip just to take in the view of one of Indiana’s few lighthouses, as well as the nearby beach.

For the history buffs out there, here are a few facts. Many shipping transactions kept the harbors of Michigan City busy during the 1830s. The piers were extended and the beacon built in 1870, and the lighthouse became operational in 1904. The job of the lighthouse keeper had its challenges. The keeper had to travel an iron walkway to get to and from his work station while sometimes braving heavy winds and rain.

If you’re interested in visiting, the walk to the lighthouse is a nice stroll, and it’s also perfect for jogging. During my walkabout, I spotted a mink, a member of the weasel family, while I was looking at the concrete slabs off to the side of the lighthouse. That was a surprise. I didn't think minks were inhabitants of the area.

I wasn't able to get inside the lighthouse, but I strongly recommend taking a stroll and checking it out for yourself during any season. To stand out there and look out across the water is a very special thing. Northwest Indiana is filled with great landscapes if you know where to look.