Sound Check: Lying Delilah [video by Rod J. Eckrich]


Sound Check No. 1

Welcome to Sound Check, a new continuing video series from the Rambler. Sound Check is an attempt to bring you into the most intimate worlds of some of The Region’s best bands. For each Sound Check we will visit a band in their practice space. We’ll ask a few questions and then we’ll lt them do what they do best.

First up, we’ve got sophisticated pop-rockers Lying Delilah. Two years after the release of their second CD, With No Gravity, the boys and girl from Highland are gearing up to head back to the studio and begin their next album. Before they do, you can catch them at the Abbey Pub in Chicago on Friday, December 17 (!/event.php?eid=181689328515209). But we’ve got ’em first, so check it out …