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Five Star Thai

5124 Pine Island Court, Suite M
Crown Point, IN 46307


Flash Mob Dining: Five Star Thai

While the term “flash mob” has gotten some bad publicity, we decided to embrace the spirit of the term with a more fun and noncriminal approach. We name a time and place, and people who are available come out to enjoy The Region’s restaurants. We welcome you to join us. If you’re interested in taking part in future flash mob dining, check out the information on how to get involved at the end of this review.

Summary: You don’t have to go to Chicago for amazing Thai food. Tucked behind U.S. 30 in Crown Point is a delicious treat that is easily the best Thai food around. For our latest experience in flash mob dining, we were joined by special guests Ann, Justine, Monica and a few Ramblers. Five Star features a variety of different noodle and curry dishes along with some phenomenal appetizers. For your dine-in or carry-out needs, Five Star Thai is a welcome option for lunch or dinner.

What are you having? The first time I had Five Star I opted for the Lard Nar because it is always a safe bet and was one of the first Thai dishes that I ever had. The second time I went with the Pad Thai and have since stuck with that with either chicken or tofu. As much as I would like to explore other options on the menu, I stick with Tofu Pad Thai and went with Mee Krob and spring rolls for appetizers, pretty much the same thing that I get every time. Even though Mee Krob is only crispy noodles, I feel like I could make a meal out of it. By the time my noodles came, the appetizers did not feel like too much to eat and complemented the main course very well.

Mr. Leather: When I left Chicago behind a few years ago, I figured great Thai food was a thing of my past, but I'm happy to report that Five Star has done me no wrong. Generally, I'm a curry man, and it's hard for me to pass up any opportunity for the coconut milk goodness of Panang Curry, but given the nature of our group review mission, I felt that I should branch out and try something new, so I opted for the Jungle Curry. While I was disappointed when I realized that my choice did not include coconut milk, I was not disappointed by the dish. Though not quite as spicy as advertised, the mix of eggplant, baby corn, mushrooms, bell peppers, bamboo shoots and basil leaves provided plenty of flavor. I also ordered the Thai iced coffee. Usually I prefer my coffee black, but the sweet, creamy concoction provided the perfect complement to the spice of the curry.

Jolene: I've been to Five Star Thai a few times and have never been disappointed. I ordered Pad See Ewe, my usual, and shared some chive-filled dumplings and spring rolls for appetizers. There were three of us ordering the appetizers, and each came with two pieces, so we were offered the option of getting one and a half orders, one piece per person of each. Being offered some flexibility goes a long way in my book. All three were delicious. Their portions are generous, and my meal left me with a perfect lunch-sized portion to go. I just had water to drink but took a couple sips of my husband's Thai iced coffee. I just love that stuff but can never seem to find a place that serves it up decaffeinated.

Sarah: As a longtime vegetarian, I tend to steer away from meat-centered "American" food and thus am fairly familiar with more ethnically diverse restaurants in The Region. I have enjoyed meals at the majority of the Thai restaurants in the area, and honestly, Five Star Thai hovers right up there at the top of the list. This time around, I had the Basil Noodles with tofu. It had pan-fried rice noodles, crisp-fresh vegetables, all in a tasty basil sauce. It had just the right amount of spice. I highly recommend Five Star Thai for the friendly staff and great food at a reasonable price. 

Ann: I ordered the Massamon Curry, which is a mildly spicy dish made with red curry, coconut milk, pineapple juice, potatoes, peanuts, onions and pineapple chunks. The combination of spicy and sweet made it full of flavor without being too overwhelming. I highly recommend it.

Monica: I had Tom Kha soup to start. Coconut milk with vegetables. Ordered Yum Tofu for my main course. Spicy tofu salad with mint leaves and cilantro. I have never had mint and cilantro together for dinner. It was a taste explosion in my mouth. A bit spicy, too, but in a good way. They had originally given me the wrong dish on accident but let us keep it at the table.

Justine: My first experience of Five Star Thai Cuisine was a pleasant one. The atmosphere was small and cozy. I started with a vegetable egg roll and Guay Chai appetizer. It was nice because both appetizers only had two, but they were able to accommodate and add an extra one since three of us were sharing. The Guay Chai was especially delicious. For my main course, I had Pad Woon Sen, which was just as tasty. I don't usually mix meat or tofu in with my noodles, so they let me substitute vegetables of my choice instead.

Did you get enough? Definitely. You can walk away with or without a box, but either way you will probably find yourself in a food coma.

Would you like a drink with that? I've heard rumors that you can BYOB, and with a liquor store next door there are plenty of options to go with your food.

Will your sweet tooth be satisfied? Your server will offer dessert, but chances are that you will be enjoyably stuffed enough to pass it up.

Who's coming for dinner? Sometimes a weekend night can require a reservation as the modest space can fill up quickly. You can take a gamble during peak hours trying to get a table, or you could go the sensible route and make a reservation. If you are with a special someone, I recommend the table near the window.

Expecting company? If not a date, invite friends or family. The low-noise level and casual vibe make it perfect for a gathering. If your guests are into Thai food, they will surely enjoy their time spent at Five Star.

What's the damage? Appetizers are reasonably priced as are the main dishes compared to other Thai restaurants.

Will you be back? If I am in The Region and craving Thai food, Five Star is the ultimate destination, and no other substitutes will be had.