Ramblin' Recs


The Scrambled Diner

250 W. 81st Ave.
Dyer, IN


I love a place with heart, and the Scrambled Diner has it. This little breakfast and brunch restaurant is very conscientious, which separates it from the rest. It makes most of its servings from scratch—from sausage and corned beef to cinamon rolls and catsup. That’s right. Catsup! Or is it ketchup?

The dish: Hearty breakfasts and creative lunches are on the menu. There are daily specials listed on the board on the counter, too. Don’t forget to check them out! They are not all your traditional meals.

Feeling adventurous? I have my favorite, but I have strayed without disappointment. There is always something different, but nothing too radical from other local establishments.

What are you having? I have visited numerous times, tried multiple items on their menu and have my personal breakfast favorite. The Orchard Omelet is made with ham and cheddar cheese and has a very surprising ingredient that makes it absolutely flavorful—apple butter.

Did you get enough? Absolutely. The portions are all very generous, enough for two meals.

Would you like a drink with that? Coffee, please! It’s dark, bold and rich. For some, it may be too strong. As for me, when I drink it, I know I am drinking coffee.

Will your sweet tooth be satisfied? If you have a sweet tooth, the Monkey Cakes may be to your liking. Take a stack of pancakes, slather peanut butter on it, pile on slices of bananas (of course), drizzle chocolate sauce on top and accompany it with a side of syrup. Voila! And it’s just fun to say, too! Monkey. Cakes. Monkey Cakes!

Need more convincing? My friend Laura ordered the Monkey Cakes. Her initial reaction: “Oh my heavenly God. You really should do one article on just the Monkey Cakes.”

The scene: The Scrambled Diner is bustling. Friendly servers visit tables like bees to flowers. Contented patrons chat away at their tables. Sunshine walls with photos of children and breakfast food brighten the space. My friend Marjorie said, “The food was good; servings were huge and appropriate for the cost.” Although she did find it cramped, it wasn’t a turnoff. “Overall, I would go back just because there aren't any funky bohemian-type places here in Northwest Indiana to visit.”

Who's coming for dinner? You’ll always find a social atmosphere created by the diners. People are always meeting and greeting for brunch and coffee here. Not loud and boisterous, but no table is absent of discussion.

Table for two? Not a typical date place—but if the date lasts until late in the morning, why not?

Expecting company? The Scrambled Diner is a great place to start your day with friends and family.

Is that what you're wearing? Granted, I wouldn’t show up in slippers and a bathrobe like I would at the breakfast table at home, but it is casual and comfortable.

Locally owned? Yes, and we are lucky to have them.

Big tip? Their eggs are free range and hormone-free. You can pick up some of their Scram Salt (a mixture of herbs and salt), homemade jellies, Hot Scram hot sauce and coffee to take home.

The Scrambled Diner is small, which means limited seating and a minimal wait, but it is well worth it.

Here’s a big plus in my book: The Scrambled Diner donates money to cancer research. Before it had started accepting credit cards, the Scrambled Diner would take the cost of using credit cards and donate it to charity. That earned my admiration. They now take credit cards, but the generosity continues.

What's the damage? Expect to pay about $15 a meal, but the portions are large, and as I mentioned before, you can make a second meal out of it.

Will you be back? Most certainly I will be back and with company, too.