The Rambler wants you…

We at Rambler headquarters would like to think that we’ve got this here region covered, but the truth is we need your help. We know there is no shortage of stories, events, personalities, or oddities waiting to be discovered or shared. We will continue to do all that we can, and we hope that we can count on you to be there to help fill the voids.

We are looking for volunteers to contribute their talents and ideas. The Region Rambler is a site for the NWI community, by the NWI community. If you're interested in getting involved, following is a list of ways that you might be able to help us:

Your Calendar Items

If you know of an event that you think fellow ramblers should hear about, please send the title of the event, date, times, location, URL (optional) and short blurb (optional) to so we can add it to our calendar.


If you are interested in shooting photos for our stories, please send samples of your work to

Your Ideas

While we have a fairly lengthy list of people, places, events, etc. that we would like to do stories on, we would love to add your ideas to our list. Every time we talk to folks we hear about amazing things going on in our area, and we want to keep building that list. If you know of any people worthy of a page on our site, or an event that's just too good to be missed, let us know about it. Send your story ideas to

Contributing Writers

With our small staff its nearly impossible to capture all of the great stories out there ourselves.  If you are a writer, or aspire to be one, we would love to have you as part of our team. To be considered for a post as a Contributing Writer for the Region Rambler, please send samples of your work, and story ideas that you'd be interested in covering to

Street Team

We need your help getting the word out about our site.  Tell your family, friends, neighbors, local wildlife, everyone, about our site. If you are interested in helping us further to promote the site, please contact

Stories in Progress

Be sure to revisit our Wanted page for your contribution to specific stories we might be working on. Some examples might be: Do you know someone that has an amazing pet? Do you know someone whose home interior should be featured in a magazine? 

Daily Rambles

Jan 19 @ 15:00p.m.

Paul Benninghoff Well, the Region has had SOME snow. How much more do you think we will get this winter?

Jan 01 @ 20:39p.m.

Paul Benninghoff Happy New Year! Our calendar will be updated for 2012 shortly. If you would like your event on our calendar, let us know!

Dec 21 @ 18:48p.m.

Mr. Leather Hard to believe the Rambler has been rambling for over a year now. Someone really ought to shut 'em up. Thanks to our amazing staff of crazy people for being so dedicated. And thanks to all of you out there taking the time to follow our whims. Happy holidays to all and to all a good night.

Nov 29 @ 12:23p.m.

Paul Benninghoff The holidays are upon us like a lion on a gazelle. Season’s Greetings!

Oct 18 @ 21:44p.m.

Paul Benninghoff Local producer and director Paul Nelson, known for such documentaries as “Twist on Tradition: The Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra”, “Haunts & Legends of Indiana: Vol. 1”, “Dyer, IN: Roots, Reflections and the Road Ahead” and “Greeting from Cedar Lake” will have his newest documentary, “Brotherhood of Bags; Cornholing America” airing at 8:30pm, Thursday the 20th on Lakeshore Public Television. Check it out!

Oct 07 @ 00:53a.m.

Paul Benninghoff As of September 25th, the Region Rambler became one year old... Happy Birthday to us!

Sep 09 @ 18:08p.m.

Paul Benninghoff School has started in the Region. Slow down in the school zones and watch for children!

Aug 02 @ 11:34a.m.

Paul Benninghoff You know you're on Facebook too much when you go to click "LIKE" on a Ramble. Duh!